The project: introduction

What we do
We bring forward a project that aims to collect information about airport, airlines, and connection world wide. The collection of data about airlines connection is made automatically. As result we have always state of the art information about airlines routes.
You are free to post news contained in this website in external websites (forum, blogs, etc). However, when doing so, you are required to mention the source of the news as a link to this website. This is not only for copyright laws reasons, but also to recognize the work and the effort we put in this project.
Airlines collaboration
If you belong to an airline, and you would like to see your routes on, please contact us. The service is totally free, and it is a valuable marketing tool to expose your service to thousands of visitors:
Swine flu (influenza A H1N1 )
We have created a dashboard to keep track extension and progression of the swine flu outbreak. Please do use it. Swine flu dashboard.
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Feedbacks are very welcome, we are proud of the fact that we (try to) answer to each single email: (Please don't write us about you lost your baggage and you want it back, or if you think we are XYZ airline and we need to pay a bill... )